Cheeky! Say hello to SAXX

Cheeky!  Say hello to SAXX

O.K. I will be the first to admit that when I have suggested men's underwear as a promotional product, I've had some interesting reactions, like "you're nuts" ...punny...

BUT, these aren't you average gitch. I have been wearing SAXX for over 2 years and there are very few articles of clothing that are as sacred to me.

Before you start down the path of brand exposure being all but lost on something that is hidden under your pants all day, I will be the first to say that I agree. However, the true value of SAXX comes from the fact that they have the potential to do so much more.

Being of the male persuasion, i can tell you that most men do not like to shop. Shopping for underwear then, represents the worst kind of hell possible for us. We are also notoriously cheap to a fault. We tend to value comfort more than anything else when it comes to our , eh hem.... parts. My standard line to those I tell about SAXX is that they are "life changing". There aren't many things that I would say that about.

My point is that products like SAXX hit a special soft spot for guys (oh the puns are just endless). When we find something we value that much, we will tell the world about it ten times over. Great products, the ones that help deliver an experience, create powerful ambassadors for your brand. I would rather have ten people telling everyone they know a story about my brand than 1000 "views" of a logo on a golf shirt. Its more meaningful and powerful in my opinion.

Now I realize that using underwear for a gift or promotion is not the normal thing to do and it certainly isn't going to be for every brand, but isn't that a great reason to do it? It makes even more sense if you create a tongue in cheek theme around it.

For us at, great quality + unique product+ design and function= clients that are going to tell your story and love you for it.

We have the entire line up of "The Worlds Most Innovative Underwear" ready for you to put your logo on. 

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